Marcel: "I attack the Black Orc and begin my warchant."
Kenny: "Sissy!"
Thomas: "No, not this time..."


Thomas: *to Kenny* "Never! You would never admit that an Elf can make you feel stronger... but he does..."
Kenny: *grummelt*

An NSC has been attacked and overwhelemed by Orcs and Goblins, when Kenny and Marcel interferred and killed the Greenskins.

Scimithar: *to NSC* "You're injured. What happened?"

Thomas: "Marcel, the rest of your group makes *pflonk* and fells asleep, so you have to face the enemies alone."
Marcel: "What about the dwarf?"
Thomas: "*pflonk*"
Marcel: "I never guessed I'd ever need a dwarf, now I could need one and he makes *pflonk*..."

Das harte Los eines Elfenspielers...

Marcel: "Ich kann also alles mit ihm machen, was ich will?"
Alle: "Iiieh!"
Marcel: *guckt genervt*

Marcel: "I start my Warchant."
Thomas: "Christine, you wake up from the Elf's singing."
Christine: "I have look..."
Thomas: "The Elf is slaughtering his enemies."
Christine: "I get schocked and hide behind the waggon."
Marcel: "When the Elf sings somebody gets slaughtered. Ever! And you ever have a look and you ever get schocked from what you see. So why do you always look? Are you stupid or masochistic?"

Sind Elfen jetzt schwul oder nicht? Ein paar Gedanken zum Thema von Marcel und Scimithar:

Mensch: "Elf, du bist doch schwul!"
Elf: "Ja, bin ich und jetzt schlaf schön... ich schlafe nur alle 72 Stunden *evilgrin*."

Human: "Elf, you are gay!"
Elf: "We prefer the term 'homosexual'."

Marcel und Scimithar:

Human: "Elf, you are gay!"
Elf: "No, I'm not."
Human: "Yes you are, you like flowers and clothes, you move your hand in this strange way, you perfume yourself, you walk and talk like a girl!"
Elf: "I AM A GIRL!"
Human: "Oh..."

Madman: "Scimithar, you are tainted by chaos! In my dreams a voice told me I should be "aware of the man, who isn't a man."
Kenny: "Something you want to tell us, Scimithar?"

Marcel: "But I think my sister won't... er.. imp... impera... befehlen?"
Thomas: "Order?"
Marcel: "Genau, ich hatte nur das Lateinische im Kopf."
Thomas: *fragend guck*

Markus: "He tried your dead-looking twin-brother...

NSC: "It's an Elf! My grandmother told me stories about them! She said they steal children!
Scimithar: "They don't! This is foolish!"
Marcel: "But sometimes... er... forget it."

Marcel: "Where's the enemy?!"
Thomas: "Within!"

Thomas: *to Scimithar* "You get awake."
*to Markus* "You get awake."
*to Christine* "You get blind."
*to Marcel* "You get bored."
*to Kenny* You get drunken."

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